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22" Swirl Glow Necklaces (volume & color options)

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Assorted Swirl Premium Glow Necklaces in bulk tubes of 50. 

Packaging: 50 per tube or 600 (12 tubes) per case.

Color options:  Assorted Colors, Red/Green/Blue or Red/White/Blue

Size: 22 inches, 6mm

Materials: Plastic and non-toxic glow chemicals

Instructions: 1 time use only, simply bend the light stick until you hear and feel the crack on the inside. 

Take your party to the next level with our Assorted Swirl Premium Glow Necklaces!

Stand out from the crowd with our Assorted Swirl Premium Glow Necklaces. With they're unique patterns and vibrant colors they're sure to liven up any party. They're perfect for festivals, school dances, or your next birthday bash! They can be worn around the neck, around the head, and even as a belt by connecting multiple sticks together.

 Just snap one on and have some fun!

Warning: Glow sticks contain non-toxic chemicals, never cut or ingest the tubes or chemicals.

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